Week/Post 4 of 9


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La Conciencia de la Mestiza/Towards a new Consciousness by Gloria Anzaldua was a piece of writing I had difficulties comprehending in its entirety due to many parts being in Spanish and the language used. Overall, the point that I observed is that people are so concerned about labeling others and putting them in a box. The reality is that these days, a lot of people don’t fit in such a simple box. People identify with many different categories and need to space to express and be accepted by all of them. The author goes into how members of the gay community are sometimes ousted by their racial communities because of their sexual orientation. However, these people have connections to people from other racial groups through the gay community. I think the moral of this story is to just be accepting of everyones intersectional diversities and realize you aren’t the voice of whether that person is worthy of being a part of your community or not. Its not your community, its everyones.

Going along with our need to define people by categories, society also targets them for their own personal gain. As outlined in Masked Racism: Reflections on the Prison Industrial Complex (1998) by Angela Davis, the current prison system we have, mostly privatized, profits on mass incarceration. Overall, Davis talks about how although companies and society may say they are for the fight against racism, they are still profiting from the racial injustices that fill our prisons today. Examples of this are companies who use (free) prison labor to take jobs away from other citizens yet aren’t as heavily criticized as companies who outsource to other countries because technically, its American labor. There needs to be more light brought to this. American taxpayers are paying taxes that get divided in favor of prison systems instead of schooling and education that could help children develop into citizens who don’t have to resort to crime to get by. This piece really emphasizes the structural problems in our society, not only keeping a group of people in a “lower class” and depriving them of the things they need to strive which makes a great deal of people resort to or get entrapped in crime, and then the large companies who profit from these systems.


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